Art Event Puts Galleries, Mural Canvas and Community Involvement in the Spotlight

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  Owen Sound’s inaugural ArtWalk! event was a resounding success, welcoming hundreds of residents and visitors on a casual walking tour of the city’s downtown galleries. In the weeks leading up to the event, graffiti and mural artist Billy Goodkat helped participants in groups at the REACH Centre, Community Living Owen Sound and District, and… Read more »

Good Art Deserves Good Bones: UCS Artists & Institutions Across North America

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Artworks on canvas, whatever your media, need a strong, stable underpinning to stand the test of time. As canvas ages, it naturally slackens. Moisture and humidity, varying levels of light, the weight of your media and other natural factors can all hasten the deterioration of your canvas. North America’s top artists, art institutions and restoration… Read more »

Artist Project: 250 Top Contemporary Artists Descend on Toronto this February

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Image credit: The Artist Project Toronto   Each year, I look forward to The Artist Project, Toronto’s epic contemporary art fair, rolling around to break up the winter blahs. It’s a much-needed explosion of colour and artistic talent in one of my favourite (though inarguably frigid) cities. This year, The Artist Project promises over 250… Read more »

Art Commissions: 5 Questions for Your Artist

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Perhaps you’re in search of corporate artwork to suit your space, or looking to add a new piece to your private art collection. The decision to commission a painting gives you input into what the finished piece might look like and let’s face it, it’s exciting to see your ideas and vision come to life!… Read more »

Learn the Golden Ratio for Your Artworks on Canvas

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  A few hundred years BC, Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria called it the “extreme and mean ratio.” To Renaissance artists of the 15th and 16th centuries, it was known as “divine proportion.” And back in your school days, this mathematical formula might have been known as the Golden Section, or Golden Mean. What we… Read more »