NAASCO’s Architectural-Grade Aluminum Canvas Stretcher Frames Now at

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Upper Canada Stretchers, North America’s leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer of professional-grade canvas stretchers and panels, has announced a new partnership with US-based North American Aluminum Stretcher Company (NAASCO). As part of the deal, NAASCO’s architectural-grade premium aluminum alloy canvas stretchers will be available online exclusively through the e-commerce store.     Other benefits coming to… Read more »

Good Art Deserves Good Bones: UCS Artists & Institutions Across North America

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Artworks on canvas, whatever your media, need a strong, stable underpinning to stand the test of time. As canvas ages, it naturally slackens. Moisture and humidity, varying levels of light, the weight of your media and other natural factors can all hasten the deterioration of your canvas. North America’s top artists, art institutions and restoration… Read more »

How to Assemble Your Gallery Bars for Stretching Prints on Canvas

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Printing photos on canvas is certainly popular right now; just check out all of the inspirational “photos on canvas” projects on Pinterest and the thousands of Instagram posts hashtagged #photosoncanvas.     But this method of displaying your fond memories is more than a just a passing trend. It’s giving amateur and professional photographers alike… Read more »