Universal Braces

We offer a unique brace design using screwed-in brackets instead of mortise & tenon joints which can be used in any stretcher, not just the ones we manufacture. The “Universal” Brace is most commonly used in the following situations:

  • When you keep a large stock of different-sized stretcher bars and mix and match to create a variety of stretcher frame sizes
  • When you have an existing painting, print, or stretcher frame from another supplier that requires extra bracing for proper support
  • When you need to replace the braces of an existing stretched canvas
Bracket that hold brace in stretcher frame

Close up of the bracket that receives the brace

Bracing using universal bracing
Detail of universal brace with keys installed

Above:  Detail of Universal Brace with keys installed

Left:  Example of a frame with 1 x 1 bracing using Universal Braces

** When you order our Universal Braces for an existing frame, we need to know the exact size of the space the brace will be spanning (inside edge dimension of the frame).  Also, if you are wanting braces that will cross each other, we need to know the brace design - for example: 1 x 1 (one vertical and one horizontal – see above for example), 2 x 1 (two vertical and one horizontal), 2 x 2 (two vertical and two horizontal), etc.

With every brace sold, we supply two brackets, four screws and two hardwood keys.

Click for instructions on how to install our Universal Braces

 To order Universal Braces, please email us  or phone us at 1-800-561-4944.

 “Just received the stretchers and put them together. The new stock brace system is great, nice materials.  Now I need to place another order ……”

Michael Bromley: Professional Artist, Regina, Saskatchewan