Round, oval & arched canvas stretcher & strainer frames


Round canvas stretchers

We make round, oval, and arched frames and, with our CNC technology, we can produce any unusual shapes you can come up with!

While most shaped frames are made as strainers, we also fabricate true “keyable” oval or round stretcher frames and canvases (and, to our knowledge, are the only company to do so!). All of our shaped supports are designed with a front fall or slope, to keep the canvas from contacting the frame except at the very edge.

We work with some of North America's most talented and ambitious artists, and have made round canvas frames and other shaped stretchers over 19 feet in diameter by laminating plywood sections cut on the CNC router. Our larger frames always include cross-braces for added support, and we can supply gravity bars for secure installation.

As with all of our products, we guarantee the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.


Curious about the cost of a shaped stretcher or strainer frame? Click here to see some examples.



"Stretcher" frames are keyable, allowing for additional tightening of the canvas after stretching to achieve and maintain ideal tension throughout the lifetime of the artwork.

"Strainer" frames are fixed.