We recommend that you submit your shape(s) as vector artwork, however, if you are unable to supply this, you may provide a traced drawing which we will scan and convert for you. Instructions for both are below.

To submit a vector file:

  • Vector format is required for cutting shapes. If you are submitting this yourself, we accept files in .ai, .eps, or vector .pdf format. Please leave reference photos out of the vector file (unless discussed) in order to reduce file size. Files should be submitted at full size; if the final dimensions exceed the work space of your software, please be sure to supply precise width and height dimensions for us to scale the file up to.
  • If a pixel-based image such as a scan or photograph is submitted, we will have to re-draw it as vector art which will incur an extra charge.
  • Simple geometric shapes can be designed without submitting vector art (hexagon, octagon, etc.)

To submit a tracing:

  • The paper must have clean, straight edges as it will be feeding into a scanning device
  • White bond paper is preferred
  • Please ensure the tracing lines are clean and dark
  • The artwork is not to be folded - please roll onto a tube for shipping.  Any folds or pleats will interfere with the scanning process.
  • Paper must lay flat - irregular tape joints can cause problems at the scanning stage
  • A fee applies for scanning and converting to vector art