The cost of a shaped stretcher/strainer frame can vary considerably depending on the size, materials, design time, etc. The following are a few past examples with sizes and approximate cost so you can get a better idea for your own projects. Note that these prices do not include a shipping crate, if required.

"Stretcher" frames are keyable, allowing for additional tightening of the canvas after stretching to achieve and maintain ideal tension throughout the lifetime of the artwork.
"Strainer" frames are fixed.


Small round one-piece strainer frames

Single-layer, one-piece strainers can be made up to 36"

stretched canvas panels

Canvas can be stretched over panels to create a firm surface


Our new large round strainers (3-8 ft) are now available online! They break down into sections for less expensive shipping and easy assembly.

Keyable oval canvas stretcher frame

Keyable stretcher frames are made to be sectional which allows for easier shipping

Hexagonal stretched canvases

Shapes with straight sides can be stretched with primed or raw canvas

Irregular shaped strainer frame

Shapes with inside curves need some experimentation for stretching - in some circumstances, a spandex material has been appropriate in place of canvas. Panels are another option.

Arched stretcher frame

Custom arched sections can be made to fit with our regular stretcher profiles

Stretched canvas with round cutout and inset canvas

We get asked for all kinds of creative canvases!

Sectional irregularly shaped strainer frame

Large shaped sectional strainer frame

Arched stretched canvases

These arched frames were shipped pre-stretched in a custom crate

19-ft round canvas strainer frame

How large can we go for a shaped frame? So far, we're at 19 feet and counting!

There are many factors that we consider in designing proper support for large canvases. Please fill out our quote form or phone us at 1.800.561.4944 - we are happy to help guide you through your project.