Upper Canada Stretchers is delighted to announce that we are the exclusive e-commerce provider of North American Aluminum Stretcher Company's professional-grade aluminum stretchers!

NAASCO stretcher profiles have been used for stretching canvases between 12 inches and 50 feet wide. Aluminum bars fitted with plywood permit stapling of the canvas, and a mechanical key system for the corner joints and each brace allows for fine-tuned adjustments of tension throughout the canvas. The aluminum frames are easily taken apart and reassembled, making it possible to move, ship and store even oversized canvases. NAASCO's product is renowned for maintaining its integrity even through adverse conditions and having a high degree of resistance to corrosion.

Modifications are available to customize two premium aluminum stretcher profiles:

  • H40 (40mm/1.57" thick)
  • H27 (27mm/1.06" thick)

Contact your representative at 1-800-561-4944 or through the website here to learn more about this exciting new product available for shipping across North America.


Over the past few years, we have been designing and manufacturing custom hybrid wood-aluminum stretcher bars for some of our customers to meet their specific support requirements. Typically, aluminum stretcher frames offer advantages in the following situations:

  • where large canvases need to be stretched on a relatively thin stretcher frame
  • where exposure to large variations in heat and moisture levels exist (outdoor, tropical and cold climates)
  • where tolerances for movement within the stretcher frame are very small
  • where fire code regulations make the use of wood stretchers unacceptable

There is a misconception around the weight of aluminum stretcher frames. Many people assume an aluminum frame will be lighter than an all-wood frame; this is not usually the case. While aluminum is one of the lightest metals available, a frame made entirely out of aluminum will usually be 30% to 50% heavier than one made of wood. Aluminum stretcher bars can be made thinner than equivalent wooden ones but the weight will be greater.

The cost of making aluminum frames is also 40% to 80% higher than all-wood designs, mainly due to the higher cost of materials and machining.

The photos below show some of the wood-aluminum stretcher frames we have made. If you think that aluminum stretcher bars might be a good choice for your project, please call us so we can discuss the details of your artwork and installation.