Most of our stretcher frames are shipped unassembled which enables us to offer the best possible shipping rates across the United States and Canada.

Customers often approach us looking for pre-stretched canvases, however, which we do offer but there are several factors that complicate this request. Stretched canvases obviously must be shipped fully assembled, making the shipping much more expensive and the canvases are at a greatly increased risk of damage during shipping. For this reason, we strongly encourage the addition of a custom shipping crate which, depending on the size, may also necessitate that the shipment be transported by LTL truck rather than by courier. These factors can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of the project.

Assembling a stretcher frame and stretching your own canvas are actually quite easy to do (we provide step-by-step instructions on these and other skills in our Educational Resources section). However, if you are really not comfortable doing so or you don't have the space required, we can often match customers up with someone in their area who would be willing to assist with the stretching aspect.

All things considered, shipping pre-stretched canvases is generally only practical if your situation meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Your canvas(es) are 45” or smaller on the largest dimension; OR
  • Your shipping destination is within Southern Ontario (where we offer a monthly delivery service); OR
  • You have a suitable budget for a protective crate and the corresponding shipping costs

Contact us to discuss your stretched canvas project