Are you looking for a shaped stretcher frame?

We make round, oval, and arched frames and, with our CNC technology, we can produce any unusual shapes you can come up with!

While most shaped frames are made as strainers, we also fabricate true “keyable” oval or round stretcher frames and canvases (and, to our knowledge, are the only company to do so!). All of our shaped supports are designed with a front fall or slope, to keep the canvas from contacting the frame except at the very edge.

We work with some of North America's most talented and ambitious artists, and have made round canvas frames and other shaped stretchers over 19 feet in diameter by laminating plywood sections cut on the CNC machine. Our larger frames always include cross-braces for added support, and we can supply gravity bars for installation of the canvases.


As with all of our products, we guarantee the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.


Standard Round Frame Sizes & Pricing

Our round and oval strainer frames typically come in two thicknesses: 3/4″ and 1-1/2″.

The 3/4″ strainers are made from a single layer of Baltic birch plywood and are available up to 36″.

Larger frames are made to be 1-1/2″ by adding an additional layer of fir plywood laminated to the back. This both adds greater stability and is also easier to staple into than the birch. (Note that 1/4″ [6mm] staples or an air nailer must be used on the birch to ensure the staples pull in tightly, whereas longer staples can be used on the fir).

We can make any size of round stretcher frame that you want but our “standard” sizes offer a more economical option. If you would like a quote on a custom frame, please call us at 1-800-561-4944 or   email us  so we can go over the details of your project. We specialize in custom shapes, small and large, 2D and 3D – so we are happy and confident to tackle any unusual idea you may come up with!

Call 1-800-561-4944 if you need assistance -- one of our canvas stretcher experts will be happy to help!

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3/4″ crafted of Baltic birch plywood
1-1/2″ with laminated fir plywood
40″+ have integrated bracing
48″+ bolt together for easy shipping

See Some of the Shaped Frames We've Produced For Artists Like You

19 foot (5.79 metre) circular frame with aluminum bracing. Shipped disassembled.
Disassembly for easy shipping
6-tiled arched-top canvases
10 foot (3.05 metre) diameter round canvas frame, shipped disassembled to Seattle, WA.
Strainers & Keyable Designs
1-1/2” thick Baltic strainer frame
We've made a wide variety of arched-top frames
Compact packaging, easy to assemble
Our advanced CNC technology
Large custom arched top frame
Keyable oval stretcher

Round and oval frames 40″ and larger have integrated bracing and those over 48″ are also made in sections that bolt together for easier manufacturing and shipping.

Large frames are made in shaped sections of laminated plywood fastened together with flush-joint connector bolts. This makes it possible to easily disassemble the frame for moving and shipping. We can  supply gravity bars with the frames, providing a simple way to install the canvas on the wall.

When using shaped frames, we recommend that unprimed cotton or linen canvas be stretched first and then primed. The unprimed canvas is more flexible and can be pulled tight around curved edges without creating folds in the canvas. The photo to the right shows a round canvas stretched on a 60” diameter frame. The visible edge is free of any folds but the folds are quite pronounced on the back side of the frame. The thicker the frame, the more difficult it is to avoid folds in the canvas along the edges. For this reason, we try to keep most frames under 1-1/2” in thickness.

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