Custom Shaped Canvas Stretchers & Strainers as Unique as Your Artwork

We specialize in building unusual 2D and even 3D shaped canvas stretchers and supports. You can see some examples of the projects we have worked on below.

Need a consult and design for wood or aluminum frame and canvas stretching project? We can usually provide our initial design and consultation free of charge.

Oversized, angular, complicated or even difficult to explain? Fear not, we love a challenge! If you can envision a canvas stretcher, we can build it to keep your artwork stable and supported over time.

As with all of our products, we guarantee the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Call 1-800-561-4944 if you need assistance -- one of our canvas stretcher experts will be happy to help!

When using shaped frames, we recommend that unprimed cotton or linen canvas be stretched first and then primed. The unprimed canvas is more flexible and can be pulled tight around curved edges without creating folds in the canvas. The thicker the frame, the more difficult it is to avoid folds in the canvas along the edges. For this reason, we try to keep most frames under 1-1/2” in thickness.

You can learn more about how to stretch a canvas here.

Shaped canvases for Landon Metz: Andersen’s Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Landon Metz: Andersen’s Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015
Assembly prior to shipping
CNC machining of shaped sections
Preparing for shipping to Denmark
Precision CNC machining
Fastened with flush joint connector bolts
Parts for Landon Metz’ canvases
Photo: Landon Metz & James Fuentes.

Unusual Steep Arched Fixed Strainer Canvas Supports for Artist Jim Frederick

3-inch deep frames
Gallery wrapped
Jim Frederick applies base coat of paint
Steeply arched canvas stretcher
Jim Frederick's 'Majestic'

CNC Panels with Stainless Steel & Acrylic for BMW & Artist Joel Masewich, Elora

Made for artist Joel Masewich
Road Less Traveled: Joel Masewich

Unique & Irregular Canvas Supports in All Shapes & Sizes

Arched, shaped solid wood CNC-designed picture frame
Trapezoidal shaped frame stretched with canvas on both sides
Rear view of birch art panel made with the centre section left open.
Cloud-shaped MDF panel with coat of primer

Custom Irregular Canvas Stretcher Shapes for Home Decor & Commercial Art

Large stretcher made to fit across the full wall of a restaurant in Los Angeles, California
4 rectangular stretchers hinged together to produce this unique self-standing square art pillar.
13 separate strainer frames (not keyed) making up a tiled hexagonal image

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