The Benefits of Digital Prints on Canvas

Displaying photos around the home is nothing new. However, with the popularity of digital photography, transferring these images to canvas has become an excellent and elegant way of displaying your favourite pictures. Digital prints on canvas share a number of benefits with more traditionally framed photos, but have additional advantages of their own. Here we consider the main benefits of using digital photographs in this way:

Sharing with others

Digital photography has made it so easy to share our pictures with others; with a click of a button we can email them, upload them to a photo sharing website, or add them to a social networking site. However, with this trend, it has unfortunately become the case that photos tend to remain on our computer rather than making it to the living room or bedroom. Printing digital photos on to canvas helps to put an end to this, making photos once again a focus in the home, allowing us to fully appreciate them on a daily basis and to physically share them with others when we have visitors.

Editing is easy

As photos are in a digital form, they can be edited prior to being printed. This allows any desired effect to be achieved with the images, which is particularly appealing to artists who naturally like to experiment with their work; photos in colour can be switched to black and white, the colour of certain features can be enhanced to draw attention to them or blurring can be used to create atmosphere or an effect more akin to watercolour. However, editing can also be used simply to edit small details to give a completely unblemished end result.

Eye catching

Canvas prints are usually stapled to an internal frame called a stretcher. By wrapping the printed canvas around the edge of the frame and stapling at the back, a clean and beautiful “gallery wrap” display is accomplished. This style of display makes prints on canvas jut out from the wall, unlike more traditional framed pictures. This helps to draw attention to them, allowing them to be easily made into a feature within a room. Without a picture frame of any description surrounding their outer edges, this allows the focus purely to be on the image rather than a visible frame detracting from the photo.

Value for money

The price of printing on canvas has come down, making it a more affordable way to display photography. However, this type of printing also offers great value for your money. Whereas a painting on canvas is liable to show its age with time, and a photo (even when printed on paper specifically designed for the task) shows wear over the years, digital printing on canvas offers a very durable art form. This is in part thanks to the special inks used to print on canvas, as they penetrate into the canvas rather than staying at the surface; UV resistant inks are also available, protecting them from damage by sunlight. Using a high quality stretcher frame and canvas also helps with the issue of durability. Additionally treatments applied to the canvas can increase its longevity, which means that these canvas prints can potentially last for generations, making them an ideal way to pass photos down through the family. This is particularly relevant to family photos but also to photographs depicting other treasured memories.

Range of sizes available

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle to find a photo of the right size to fit a photo frame they have been given, leaving frames unused and photos not displayed. However, once the canvas is stretched across the wooden stretcher frame for them by a professional, no additional framing is required, which removes the aforementioned problem and saves money. With a range of canvas sizes to choose from, whether people are looking for a picture to occupy the wall above a fire place or to make a feature wall from various small canvas prints, there is a size of canvas available to suit their needs.


Although people are most likely to want an individual copy of a print on canvas for themselves, the fact that digital images are reproducible on canvas makes them attractive gifts; grandparents and other relatives will appreciate a photo of the children as a present and it provides a lovely memento for those who shared a group holiday. The reproducible nature of canvas prints is also very attractive to professional photographers and painters looking to sell their work, as they can assure that each print will be as good as the next.

Digital prints on canvas offer numerous benefits to both individuals and artists, so it is no surprise that they are now many people’s preferred choice for displaying their photographs. With their ability to act as lasting gifts, there is much demand for digital prints on canvas.