Stunning 11.5' Pablo Griss on Canvas Installed in Caracas

June 25, 2018

When artist Pablo Griss needed a canvas stretcher over 11-feet wide for a home installation in Caracas, Venezuela, he enlisted the experts at for the custom build.


Heavy duty canvas stretcher for artist Pablo Griss


Born in Caracas, Griss moved to New York and graduated from Columbia University School of Visual Arts in 1995. Today, he splits his time between studios in Caracas and Berlin.  (1995) in New York, where he lived and worked until 1998.

In 100 Painters of Tomorrow, Kurt Beers describes Griss’s style: “Through an approach toward abstraction that incorporates a wide range of styles and media, Pablo Griss constructs poetic interpretations via spatial juxtapositions… Uniting an accomplished  geometric draftsmanship with a loose and unconventional painterly style, Griss’s strongly expressionist work weaves back and forth between angular lines and stream-of-consciousness mark-making.


This 350cm x 226cm (11.48' x 7.4') frame also needed bracing, to ensure the strength and rigidity of the frame over time.


Due to its sheer size and weight, this particular piece required Heavy Duty Professional stretcher bars to start. A step up from Heavy Duty Basic bars, these custom 2×3 stretcher bars feature splice joints. This 350cm x 226cm (11.48′ x 7.4′) frame also needed bracing, to ensure the strength and rigidity of the frame over time. Like all Upper Canada Stretchers art supports, the corners are keyable, allowing for canvas tension adjustments to prevent sagging or slack in future.


Stretcher frame assembly in Caracas.


The stretcher bars and bracing were securely packed and shipped through Miami. Precision manufacturing and comprehensive instructions ensure that each art support can be assembled on-site.


Pablo Griss on 11.5' stretcher frame in Caracas


This stunning Pablo Griss now graces the walls of an elegant home in Caracas and is guaranteed to retain its strength and shape for the life of the piece. To learn more about what it takes to support your largest and most ambitious works on canvas, explore our Large Stretchers page.

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