Shirley Cordes-Rogozinsky - Painter, Alberta

Shirley Cordes-Rogozinsky, a prairie painter of space and place….

I find her paintings both exciting and tranquil. I don’t know how she does that…

Strange yet somehow familiar and compelling images as if a text that I can almost read and wish to stay with finding its message…I understand her love of maps, of looking down on surfaces an aerial view travelling in imagination over landscapes decorated in brilliant metallic colours . I am as  excited in front of them as if I were journeying in new territory, …These are floating, magical worlds yet utterly safe and peaceful I wish my favorite cafe were decorated with them, to take me for a time out of this noisy busy place onto a road to enchantment… yes the word is enchanting, a chant, a song compelling magic.

In her words:

I lived a nomadic, transient life. No matter where I lived (that being many, many places), I carried that sense of place, my “prairie,” deep inside me.

Now I live in St. Albert, Alberta, maintaining a full time studio practice in Edmonton. In addition to painting full time, I work 3D in clay and am an avid gardener. My hands, working hands, always dirty; covered in paint or soil…linked to the earth literally and visually…my prairie.

Shirley Cordes-Rogozinsky Slideshow and conversation with Donato:

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Her website, more on her bio, her statement, more magic….

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