Ralph Siferd - Still Life Painter, Orillia, Ontario

Ralph Siferd lives in the forest between Barrie and Orillia in southern Ontario. His pictures are gorgeous still lifes that exemplify a serious and highly accomplished talent, and sensitivity to what he’s looking at.

If you go to his website the first thing you see is a seashell gorgeously coloured, so lovely it looks like it should last 1000 years, who owns it will want to keep it forever. Owning his pictures would prolong my life, just to be around to be with them…

Here’s what the bio on his website says:

“Ralph Siferd was born in Calgary, Alberta and studied there at the Alberta College of Art. He travelled to Egypt, Greece and Europe visiting galleries and historic sites before returning to Calgary to study at University of Alberta, graduating with a degree in Art History. In his paintings Ralph has focused on still life images predominantly in the style of 18th and 19th century Dutch and French painters.
Ralph also likes to paint animals, especially dogs, and he occasionally paints landscapes.

Ralph now lives in southern Ontario with his wife and parrot.”


Listen to my interview with Ralph, his experience with old techniques,  click the clips below:


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Ralph Siferd Web Site:  https://www.ralphsiferd.com/index.html

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Some of his beautiful paintings: