Paul Lorenz - Artist, Paducah, KY

February 11, 2013

Paul Lorenz is a seasoned professional artist, whose work since 1999 sells in European as well as in North American Galleries and exhibitions.

He’s home at the Studio Mars, Paducah, Kentucky. His website is filled with wonderful images, worth any amount of time to visit,

I love his mesmerizing, magical abstractions, combining incredible precision with a seemingly impossible degree of freedom. Any photographer would envy his ability to use his hand and mind to create stillness in movement, movement in stillness, an archer at the moment before release of the arrow. He has worked for years to achieve his effects; his start as an architect dealing with the arrangement of building materials translated to painting, dealing with painting materials, the parallels, the exploration of the utmost possibilities of the materials, and his evolution to mining and reworking some of his past works to reveal some surprises and better reflect his present mature abilities and intuitions… almost like the psychological journey many of us take as we get older, aiming to clear out the detritus of our past so we can have more scope in our lives today.

Your time will be well spent strolling through the gallery of Paul Lorenz’s art, reading his bio online

The slideshows of my interview with him are full of interest and charm:

How He Got Started

Media and Theme

Evolving To?



Paul Lorenz black with yellow
large_Paul Lorenz BLACK WITH YELLOW OVAL 80x108 oil on canvas 2008
Slideshow Here


JANUARY 14 #15_water media on panel_5x7_2012
large_Paul Lorenz_JANUARY 14 #15_water media on panel_5x7_2012_0


MAY 25. 700 LINES_graphite,casein,ink on panel_12%22×12%22_2009-12
large_Paul Lorenz_MAY 25.

And he loves to use Upper Canada Stretchers for his work on canvas!!…

“your stretcher bars in my studio…they are the best!” Paul Lorenz


large_Stretcher bars_1  large_stretched and raw_1

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