Marco Sassone - Florentine Master Painter

In Marco’s Sassone’s work I feel I am reading the illustrations of a picaresque novel of walking through a city just beside the one we know, not a dream, yet the work of skilled imagination of what lies beneath our surface, just out of view, though I am aware it is not alien to me, dark, but not incapable of resurrection… the work of a Tolkien, or William Morris, a city they might have described….inhabited by people like unto me but not like either… Master craftsmanship in every brushstroke bringing this imaginary vision to near real life. Perhaps on some future train travel I will wake in the morning to find the train has arrived here, in Marco’s city, not the destination I had planned, but one I would then feel compelled to explore in a mixture of fear and curiosity……

Marco Sassone’s Website:

A slideshow of his art:  Here