Leslie Cartwright - Wildlife Painter, Kootenays, BC

An artist of the life in the east Kootenays

Captured still moments in the the essence of wildness, the untouched land and its creatures living separate

from human habitation, the mountains which to the ancients were gods, and why not? for they create the weather and the weather creates all habitats… something of that spiritual awe I feel, in looking at her art, her careful attention to the details of the moment so that it transcends time and makes the moment’s special. I imagine if I had her paintings on my wall as I step in the door in my home being moved much as the landscape where she lives would stir in me that special momentous feeling… Her paintings carry that feeling right on into the spaces of my dwelling….. a sense of belonging in the outdoors as her painted animal people do.


My Interview with Leslie Cartwright:


How Started

(With slideshow of her work)
Media and Theme
Marketing (and Living Too)

Some of her paintings:

Check her blog: https://www.cartwrightart.blogspot.com

Her words:

As a little girl I grew up admiring Bateman and dreamed of capturing the finite details that make his paintings come alive. I am passionate about the subjects that I choose to portray in my art. I find it difficult to invest great deals of time and energy into a composition that has little meaning for me, and so, I choose to draw inspiration and likeness from my own photography. For me, painting is like listening to music. A song will often evoke a memory or a feeling, and I find that I base my choice in subject matter on my feelings and memories.

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