Kevin Messer - Digital Artist, Dayton, Ohio

Kevin Messer is an artist working in a digital medium whose art creates dramatic, powerful images that enhance habitat, produce tranquility, challenge the viewer to go deeper, and finally an immense pleasure to come home to…

His theme is “making it better” , better than the merely, and perhaps badly, reproduced photograph, by using the tools of the digital realm directly.

A quote from Kevin’s conversation with me, recorded below, “Tools are the craft of the work, the vision is in the artist’s eye ,,,”

Both as a way of exploring a new artistic medium and to avoid the rework of color-correcting my traditional artwork, I embarked on a new adventure creating my artwork using some of the same tools I used to correct my drawing — a graphics tablet and sophisticated software.

My Interview  with Kevin: worth listening to especially for his insights into the burgeoning craft of digital media….

Introduction and How Started
Use of Digital Tools
Conversation on Origin of Tools

Explore the dramatic images on his website:

Check out Kevin’s  testimony to UCS on his blog: