Kathryn (Kathy) Bond - Painter, Perry Sound, Ontario

Kathryn (Kathy) Bond got interested in art at a young age, went to Sheridan college and took Illustration there and that started her career path. Initially she did a lot of commercial work, cards and illustrations, for a secure career business, but then moved to painting murals, mostly residential, for people in their homes and thus began her work in fine art.

Her work is filled with gorgeous colors and precise detail, a feast for the eyes. She has lately been exploring and documenting in paint the wilderness of the land, water and wildlife of Georgian Bay, near Parry Sound Ontario.

Quoting her, “now many of these early mural customers have bought my paintings so it’s been a good way to transition into more of my own work , away from the commissions.  Now I take my kayak out into Georgian Bay and with my camera document everything I’m seeing that could be a painting. I take lots of notes on the light, colors, and scene and also make little watercolor sketches right on site.
In the studio I have painted mostly in acrylic but now I’m starting to work oil. I find it interesting but quite different mostly because it takes so long to dry. To help with  that I have started getting several paintings on the go at once. I’m hoping I’m going in the direction of simplifying, trying to see more and put down less. I’m trying not to put down quite so much detail. I want people to have less to look at while trying to interpret my paintings.

I really was happy to find Upper Canada Stretchers especially for my large frames, some very unusual shapes!”

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