John Beerman - Painter, North Carolina

A fine Fine Art Painter of North Carolina

Looking at John Beerman’s work, I feel I am exploring the landscape of the Promised Land toward which we have always been walking. His oil depicted landscapes of America could be nowhere else yet are like nothing we have ever seen though we recognize them immediately, our seeing from now on will be colored by his immense craftsmanship, the land herself in layers of earth vegetation winds and sunlight layered here onto his canvases and finally for those lucky enough to own his work creating a corner of peace and revelation in that home in which they live. Standing in front of one of his works, I feel myself to be utterly my best self….

Some video and slideshows of my conversation with John:

Introduction and How Started  
Media and Themes  
Evolving to Simplicity  
Marketing   Integrity of Craft and Materials 

His website, a gallery of fine art…