Joel Masewich - Abstract Painter, Ontario

Joel Masewich  is an accomplished artist living in southern Ontario, his house and his family and his studio in a small village called Salem near Elora, a beautiful part of Ontario.

I  see his work as intensely dramatic forms, colors, a dense variety of landscapes with the quality of powerful dreams. But they are not a dreamscape. They have a kind of hard edge near realism which for me creates the possibility of an existence just out of my reach, yet fascinates me. As if I’m gazing onto a world which is alien and yet greatly appealing. As if by changing shape I could go there. Actually it’s me doing what I hope is part of his motivation , to get me searching landscape differently for signs of drama that I had been overlooking.

Joel says of himself, “I am greatly inspired by John Muir founder of the Sierra club in 1800‘s who talks about finding yourself in Nature, which is what I am trying to show, to find the hidden spirituality in nature, the spirituality that grounds us there”

“By combining various mediums, stainless steel and acrylic paint, I try to capture the feeling and create a bridge to the expressive quality of the moment, the multiple ways of seeing a landscape, the hidden compositions of colour and texture and the hidden energy we all sense in the land – abstracting a cascading stream into gestures of colour and light.”

Conversations with Joel and slideshows:

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