Joe Abbrescia Jr. - Art Conservator & Restorer, Montana

Joe Abbrescia Jr, is an exceptionally talented Conservator of fine art paintings living and working in Kalispell, Montana. He grew up in that dramatic scenery of the American Rocky Mountains, habitat of all our nostalgia for the wild West untamed, in the daily presence of his father, an exceptional fine art painter, Joe Abbrescia Sr. Joe’s voice, speaking of his vocation, of Conservator of Fine Art, echoes what could be said too of his father’s work, passed on like a goblet of strong lusty red wine, from father to son, dense with the nostalgia of western wildlife and their habitat, and those people lucky enough to live in that part of the world… Echoing truly the call of the wild.. and the passion to preserve it’s memory for all of our futures…

Illustrating the value of his conservation work, how a fine work, obscured by old age, becomes young again:

Some words from his web site:

Joe Abbrescia Jr., specializes in art restoration and art conservation services of fine art oil paintings, to help save and maintain America’s treasures for future generations. Art conservation treatments help maximize a work’s life span, restore its aesthetic quality, and preserve its historic integrity. His expertise in art restoration employs modern techniques combined with old world craftsmanship for optimal problem solving and optimal results.
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Slideshow and My Interview with Joe:
A Painter’s Son Becomes a Conservator
How Conservation is Evolving
Conservator’s Advice To Artists
Talking About His Father, the Painter

Some pictures of Joe the Conservator at work:

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Joe (Jr.) grew up in the presence of a passion for the preservation of nature as it was. We are all benefactors of his work as conservator continuing this same passion for preservation of fine creative depictions of that natural world he lived in…

Some of Joe Sr.'s Paintings:

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Joe(Senior) has said, “I view my paintings as an opportunity to share with others my love for life, nature, and beauty…”. Joe has been recognized as one of America’s most accomplished impressionist painters. From cityscapes to landscapes, from figurative to wildlife, a diversity of subjects are brought to life by his tireless pursuit of excellence.
For Joe Abbrescia, painting was his life, and his true pleasure. It was his burning desire to preserve nature…his passion to capture the beauty of a flower garden, the majesty and grandeur of a mountain…and, his excitement and stimulation derived in city streets and country scapes throughout the world.

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