Introducing IMPRESS Framed Round Canvases & Stretchers

November 6, 2019

Circular works of art, known in the art world as “tondos” (from the Italian word for ‘round’, “rotondo”), have appeared since Greek antiquity and became very fashionable in the Renaissance with examples painted by Botticelli, Michaelangelo, and Raphael.

(Right: Madonna of the Magnificat, 1481, by Sandro Botticelli.)

Madonna of the Magnificat.png

Round artwork also provides a modern appeal as it is far rarer to see paintings presented in this format over the typical straight lines. The reasons behind this are undoubtedly economic as round stretched canvases are not easy to mass produce and frames for round canvases are not found in stores at all. Indeed, framing a round canvas is a job usually left to high-end manufacturers such as Upper Canada Stretchers who are able to use CNC technology to create custom round and shaped stretchers and frames but at a cost that is reflective of the work and customization required.

Even without a frame, stretching a round canvas is a challenge - using pre-primed canvas invariably results in pleating on the sides. Avoiding that requires starting with raw canvas and some skill in stretching, followed by multiple rounds of gesso and sanding, resulting in a very labour-intensive process.

All of this has meant that framed round canvases, despite being a regularly requested item, have long been something that only customers with large budgets could realize.

40in Round Canvas with Custom Floating Frame by UCSart

40in Round Canvas with Custom Floating Frame by UCSart

(Above: 3-ft. custom round canvas and floating frame produced by UCS.)

That is part of what led us to develop a brand new product called the Impress Frame. This innovative and revolutionary canvas stretching system from Upper Canada Stretchers is designed to make the process of stretching and framing your own round canvas extremely quick, easy, beautiful, and best of all, affordable!

Impress Framed Round or Oval Canvases come pre-stretched with primed canvas, ready for you to paint or decorate in the medium of your choice.

Impress Round Framed Canvas

painted Impress Round Framed Canvas

The Impress Framed Round or Oval Stretcher is intended for use with prints on canvas or existing paintings, giving customers the ability to very quickly stretch and frame their canvas with no special skill or tools required!

Impress Round Frames-colours

Impress Round Framed Stretchers

These all-in-one kits take any canvas art to the next level with their unique shape and attractive floating frame. They are perfect for artists, professional photographers and print shops, as well as hobbyists and DIY-ers wishing to bring additional interest to their choice of wall art. Anyone can assemble an Impress frame in a matter of minutes!

See how quick and easy it can be in this instructional video featuring the Impress Framed Round Stretchers:

Impress Framed Round Canvases and Stretchers are available in 6", 12", 18", 24", and 30", plus custom sizes up to 36" in three finishes. Visit the Impress Framed Round/Oval Canvas or Impress Framed Round/Oval Stretcher pages for more information and to order online!

Square and rectangular Impress Framed Canvases are currently on clearance at 40% off! Visit the Impress Framed Square/Rectangular Canvases page for available stock.

Square & rectangular framed canvases & stretchers

Order Impress Framed Round/Oval Canvases (stretched canvases for artists)

Order Impress Framed Round/Oval Stretchers (for display of prints on canvas or existing paintings)

Order Impress Framed Square/Rectangular Canvases (stretched canvases for artists)