Elinore Schnurr - Contemporary Figurative Painter, New York City

Elinore Schnurr, a contemporary figurative painter in New York City. Hanging on my wall, one of her paintings would say in modern language what, 40,000 years ago, cave painters said to their witnesses, “This, my world, this is what is important to me…”

I certainly hope Elinore’s work will last that long…

She has exhibited and has her work in the collections of major galleries and museums . She has lived near and been exploring and painting the people of New York City for the past 50 years.

What I see in her paintings now are coffee houses cafes pubs rooms where people come and go meeting for conversation for companionship for love for news for gossip for business happy with each other or not often in groups sometimes alone even though with another there in the interplay of light and shadow of walls windows lamps of furniture of fine and not so fine clothing and decor a multitude of half remembered scenes from my own adult experience out of time people have always met this way over food or drink out of place everywhere on earth habitation of humans this is a setting that identifies the human as a herd creature all done with Elinore’s complete mastery of forms light shadow textures and composition