Carol Kapuscinsky - Landscape Artist, Ajax, Ontario

Carol Kapuscinsky is a really splendid landscape artist living and painting in Ajax, Ontario. As I see her work, she is not a super realist, but close to it, suffusing her evident passion for landscape, the details of fields, grasses, trees, open water, with a mild sadness, not full daylight, not yet dusk, as if waiting for the return of a light which has faded and may not ever come back. For me it is perhaps a commentary on the global warming phenomenon which will destroy the value of sunlight , make it a curse instead of a blessing……And I can meditate a long time on any of her paintings…As I can listen to a Leonard Cohen song forever…

Videos of my interview with Carol:

How Started
Theme and Media
Evolving Yet Constant

Her website worth a long visit….

Some of her paintings:

Some words from her website:

Carol Kapuscinsky is a contemporary landscape painter. Although her paintings use simplified imagery, her painting techniques are very involved. She works mainly with oils on canvas, using a layering technique similar to those used by the old masters. Kapuscinsky applies many thin transparent layers of paint which create a rich depth and vibrant glow.
She was born in Peru of Canadian parents, grew up in Winnipeg, and moved to Ontario in her twenties. She graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto in 1989.
Kapuscinsky will not paint anything she hasn’t seen with her own eyes. An accomplished photographer she documents all her subject matter. Before she photographs, she experiences the location and sees the composition. She uses all her senses: listens to all the sounds, remembers the atmosphere, the ambiance, the weather, be it warm or cool. She then simplifies the photo to paint only the information you need as a spectator.
Her paintings convey a sense of peace and harmony. The prairies and field paintings Kapuscinsky creates reflect her years growing up in Western Canada. Water also plays a large part in the spirit of her work being born near the ocean and living close to a body of water all her life.
Kapuscinsky is represented in galleries in Montreal, Toronto and Sainte-Adele (Quebec). Her most recent solo exhibitions were Where Land Meets Water and Sky and Shades of Yellow at Galerie Blanche in Montreal.
Kapuscinsky lives and works in Ajax, Ontario.

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