Canvassing the Artists

January 30, 2013

Canvassing The Artists

I’m excited!!!

We at Upper Canada Stretchers want to supply our customers with the best stretcher bars  and painting and image supports available at a reasonable price. And I know you want to market your art as successfully as possible. So this is an attempt to get some more interesting publicity for us all.

I will be writing a weekly (approximately) blog in this space featuring an interview with one of our artist customers on their work. Maybe some pictures and a short video clip. I’m particularly interested in how you got into this work, or vocation, your themes and impressions of your work, plus how you see yourself evolving, in theme or media or some combination thereof… I’ll check out the displays and your bio on your web site if you have one, and then email you to get your reaction to participating in this and set up a short interview time that suits you, possibly on Skype.

Please comment, or volunteer and comment, I’d be very happy to hear from you .

Donato Cianci  Jan. 30 2013



Laird Goulet Saskatchewan artist

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