5 Creative Canvas Art Ideas

November 16, 2014

If you have a boring wall space that needs a little livening up, why not consider a canvas art project that you can do yourself? Homemade art is very trendy right now, and you can really make it look any way you want, from retro to modern, from very ‘homemade’ to completely professional.

Everyone has a bit of the creative artist in them, so why not grab a canvas and make that space your own? Making your own wall art is actually very simple, easy on the pocketbook, and fun! Make it a date night with your spouse, a family project, or just some ‘me time’, either way, the results of these canvas art ideas will really give your walls some oomph!

Here are five great canvas art ideas to get you started:

1) Lacey Stretched Canvas: First, find a piece of lace as large as your canvas. Next, paint your canvas any colour you would like. Place that piece of lace over the canvas and grab a can of spray paint. Metallic colours look nice, but choose a colour that will suit your room, and your tastes. Spray the entire canvas. Next, peel back the lace, remove, and voila! Do a couple of these and place them in a grouping for a real eye-catching wall.

2) Pinwheels on Canvas: A fun, and colourful, design to paint onto your canvas is pinwheels! If you have any leftover paint around the house, this project is perfect for you. Or, if you want to try it, but have no paint on hand, simply buy several small jars (which can easily be found in craft stores). Any colours will do.

Use a pencil and place a dot in the center of your canvas. Next, take masking tape or painters’ tape and section off triangles, each reaching out from the center of your canvas (using that dot as the apex of each. Now, paint each triangle a different colour. Remove the tape as you go, so as not to leave white lines.

3) Puff Paint: Puff paint is fun to use on canvas. Draw a cool pattern, or trace one, on wax paper, using your puff paint. You can then use Mod Podge to glue it onto your canvas. Simple, easy and looks chic!

4) Painter’s Tape: Painter’s tape and canvas go hand in hand! This is a simple way to make some fantastic wall art. Start by painting your canvas white. Next, crisscross your painter’s tape all over the canvas, in any pattern you would like. Next, paint! Using a colour you love, simply paint the canvas. Wait until the paint has almost completely dried and remove the tape.

5) Stencil Letters: Think Scrabble tiles. Think typewriter keys. Think any font you want! Grab some letter stencils in any type of font, any size, and simply paint the letter, or letters onto the canvas. Remove the stencil. Maybe do several canvases and spell out a word, use your initials, your name, whatever you like, and then simply hang! Simple!

Love these canvas art ideas? Maybe they will inspire you to come up with something even more unique!

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