2016 Art Exhibitions In Chicago This Autumn

September 30, 2016

art-gallery-chicago-350x175.jpgArt can be found everywhere in Chicago, from galleries to museums to public squares and street corners.  These 10 amazing and unique exhibits showing throughout the city this fall have something for everyone from photography, sculptures, interactive art and of course, paintings. The venues are as unique as the art itself featuring the waterfront large scale venue to intimate smaller galleries.


    September 22-25, 2016
    Navy Pier, Chicago
    The International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art, opens the fall art season each September at historic Navy Pier. Entering its fifth edition in 2016, EXPO CHICAGO presents artwork from 140 leading galleries from around the world, and includes EXPOSURE—a section that affords younger galleries the opportunity to participate in a major international art fair.

  2. 2:  “This Land is not Empty”, Don Pollack
    September 9–October 22, 2016
    Bridgeport Art Center
    “This Land is not Empty” is an exhibition of paintings, installation and sound tracking the American frontier for 3000 miles through Native American country by Chicago based artist Don Pollack.


  3. 3:  “How Do I Know You?” Benjamin Cook
    September 9, 2016 – 10:00am to Saturday, October 29, 2016
    ZG Gallery in Chicago
    Benjamin Cook’s first solo exhibition in Chicago includes paintings that are made for a digital world, but not one that exists purely online.


  4. 4:  George Klauba: A Solo Exhibition Exploring the Influence of WWII and the Experience of the Cuban Revolution
    August 26, 2016-October 29, 2016
    National Veterans Art Museum
    This exhibition features two series of paintings, Nerves on Fire: Reflections on WWII, and Cuba: Rebels,Orishas, and 26 Julio which are derived from Klauba’s experience growing up during WWII, and later spending a month in Cuba during the Revolution while serving in the Navy.


  5. 5:  Fantasy Art with Tom Herzberg
    September 21, 2016-November 23, 2016
    International School of Comics
    As an illustrator Mr. Herzberg has completed almost 2000 illustration projects for a variety of books, magazines, newspapers and other institutions. In this course, Ssudents will be introduced to the kinds of processes used by professional concept artists to take basic ideas and add wow factor.


  6. 6:  Art Exhibit: Bad Editions
    September 17-October 8, 2016
    Ralph Arnold Fine Arts Gallery
    In Bad Editions, a series of artists explore the possibilities of printmaking as a process, as a philosophy, and as an excuse for art-making.


  7. 7:  Tseng Kwong Chi: Performing for the Camera
    September 17-December 11, 2016
    Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art
    The first major solo museum exhibition of Tseng’s photograph work address issues of popular culture, politics, cosmopolitanism, and cultural diversity. Humor and a keen observational eye combine to produce work that is both intelligent and accessible.


  8. 8:  The Pretty Nasty Imagination of Adele Supreme
    Exhibit October 1 -29, 2016
    Woman Made Gallery
    Adele does large scale erotic drawings/paintings promoting freedom of sexual expression in women (whether alone or with a partner), by reclaiming pervasive images of sexual oppression.


  9. 9:   Kate Shannon: You Deserve More
    September 26-November 1, 2016
    Robert F. DeCaprio Gallery
    This exhibition consists of photographic images displaying funfair attendees stripped of their environment leaving only the figure and their reaction to a business that thrives and creates profit from human desire.


  10. 10.  Our New System: CHRISTA DONNER
    September 9 -October 22, 2016
    Gallery 400
    Chicago-based artist Christa Donner builds on her virtuosic body of drawings that concern the complexities of the human organism, further exploring collectivities and spaces for new forms of human sociality.

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