Jerry Grey: a storyteller in paint in Ottawa, the Canadian capital.

Grey portraitPeople of every age, children to adults, would be delighted to pore over a book of stories illustrated with her simple profound drawings. They have not a line too many, but every line necessary and every necessary line… These are storytelling pictures, not graphic kitsch. Her expert gestures and deeply felt emotions are the kind that lead their story, they do not just follow it. I want to hear those stories and I could turn the pages of her books of paintings and drawings, meditating in peace and pleasure on the possible story behind each one.

From her website:

Whether Grey speaks for all Canadians (as in The Great Canadian Equalizer), for a community institution (the Ottawa Police and their history), or for a group of women who helped shape the country’s social history (The Sisters of Charity Building Hope), her important contribution is that she does speak for them with all the expertise of her visual language.