Heavy Duty Stretchers Ebook Screenshot

Learn how to choose canvas stretchers with the right design features, engineering elements and materials for your largest and most complex projects.


HeavyDutyBuyersGuide.pngGood art deserves good bones! Durable, stable stretcher frames help prevent unsightly canvas sagging, wear from rubbing on the frame, and other issues that damage your canvas. Learn how to prolong the life of your best oversized, unusually shaped and otherwise heavy duty works.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell when your artwork demands a heavy duty canvas stretcher
  • Which design and engineering elements to look for in stretcher frames for different types of projects
  • How tension and canvas shape factor into your stretcher frame needs
  • Which materials offer the greatest support and longevity for extra-deep, heavy duty and unusually shaped canvases
  • How to account for shipping, transportation, and assembly in your heavy duty project planning

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“To preserve the integrity of a painting, the stretcher frame must provide adequate support and maintain, over time, the desired rigidity and necessary canvas tension. Proper structure and the use of high quality materials become even more critical as the canvas size increases, due to the compound effect of mechanical and environmental forces.  This guide will help you select a well made, purpose built stretcher that will reduce the risk of damage and help protect the artwork now and well into the future.”


~ Amber Harwood, Fine Arts Conservator at Georgian Bay Art Conservation