Stretcher Frame Design Features


You can count on us for delivering top quality stretchers & service!

We don’t take the word “quality” lightly. When we created this business, we shifted our focus from mass produced economy-grade stretchers to professionally made custom stretcher bars. Our material and manufacturing standards are very high. We enjoy our work and take pleasure in providing friendly and competent service to our customers.


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Below are some of the features that help to make Upper Canada Stretchers some of the best and most trusted canvas stretcher bars in North America and keep our clients coming back again and again:


Design Features of our Stock & Custom-Sized Stretcher Bars

  • made of straight-grained, clear white pine, kiln dried to 8% humidity for exceptional strength and stability
  • long bars and braces are edge-glued and finger jointed to counteract any tendency to warp, maintaining a very straight frame
  • precision tongue & groove joints ensure a perfect friction fit and rigid, square corners
  • cross braces are mortised and tenoned for strength and a superb fit, with hidden keys
  • keys are wide and made of hardwood with serrated edges to ensure grip in the grooves
  • all of our stretcher bars and braces are fully keyable so that you can maintain proper tension of the canvas over time and with transportation


We produce at least 11 unique stretcher profiles that have been developed to meet a wide range of needs. Small or large, we can provide you with the right stretcher design to support your artwork. Click the image below to see additional information on the dimensions and uses of each specific stretcher profile.

Stretcher Bar Canvas Frames from Upper Canada Stretchers


Custom stretcher bars or frames – made to any size!

  • Order individual stretcher bars or as complete frames
  • Order stretchers in imperial or metric units
  • Made to any size you want to nearest 1/16 inch (1 mm)
  • We custom make very small to very large stretchers; 6 inches to 30 feet and over!


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