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My work (Geoffrey Harding) about the lore of the Woodland Indian, especially the Haudenosaunee is currently being shown in a gallery in Newfane NY called Shoppe On Main with photography viewable on Facebook on the site “Woodland Arts Studio“. I have been using Canada Stretchers since 2001, and find they are best bones you can buy and… Read more »

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On the evening of January 26th in beautiful old town Scottsdale, Arizona the renowned Marshall Gallery will be hosting the 12th annual International Guild of Realism “Winter Salon” show with many extraordinary paintings on display and for sale. The opening of the show takes advantage of Thursday night art walk when Main street galleries celebrate… Read more »

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John McCoy recently completed a mural painting for All Saints Parish in Alpena, Michigan that he created on ten large stretched canvases from Upper Canada Stretchers for the project.  He wanted to let other fine artists know that everything about the project was wonderful and the canvases played a big role!  His greatest appreciation was the quality… Read more »

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The city of Detroit has been through some rough times but new life is evident lately, especially in the downtown core where office towers are being bought and renovated for new tenants.   An important part of this city’s resurrection is work being done by Jennifer Curis who is bringing new contemporary art installations to… Read more »

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Tracey is a self-taught abstract painter who resides in the greater Toronto area.  Her paintings are a whimsical glimpse into the transcendent reality of depicting life and expression through her art.  She is being featured this November 11 through 17th at the Ben Navaee Gallery. Each individual piece is a fragment of a story that… Read more »

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In June 2016, Upper Canada Stretchers were retained by the Smithsonian American Art Museum to provide custom stretcher frames for five very large paintings by Gene Davis. Gene Davis (1920-1985) was an American Color Field painter known especially for his paintings of vertical stripes of color.   Bob Nadon from Upper Canada Stretchers has just… Read more »

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From historical and world-renowned galleries to street art, NYC has always been a hot bed of traditional and contemporary art. For practicing or brand new artists, New York City has plenty of art supply stores with everything they may want. With classes and craft supplies, the emerging artist novice has a chance to grow and… Read more »

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“A machine is only as good as its operator” is an adage that has been handed down over the ages. In the modern day, this holds true when speaking of CNC machining. CNC (Computer Numerical Control), a technology which can be used to create artistic products of any size or complexity, has become a buzzword… Read more »

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Every artist knows that top quality raw materials assist in delivering the best product they can produce.  From full-service facilities that host classes, to small intimate family stores, Chicago has a great selection of art suppliers for all kinds of artists. These art stores can inspire creativity and assist in fulfilling the vision of a… Read more »