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Florida’s vibrant art scene is as warm and inviting as the spring breezes this 2017. These top 10 amazing and unique exhibits, festivals and galleries showing throughout Florida this spring have something for everyone from photography, sculptures, interactive art and of course, fine art paintings. The venues are as unique as the art itself featuring… Read more »

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Hello, my name is Katharine Marais. I am an Los Angeles studio artist. I paint with poured and painted oils & acrylics on canvases made with stretchers from UCS. I prepare my canvases and linens by brushing on acrylic size with a stiff brush, then triple-gessoing with cross-strokes to a smooth, but still textured, surface. I’ve… Read more »

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In recent years, the Canada and the U.S. have created new rules about the way public spaces are created. This legislation makes it easier for people with disabilities to navigate. Signage for the disabled has 3 main considerations. Text/Pictographs need to be raised to the touch. Text needs to be translated into braille. Surfaces cannot… Read more »

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In December 2016, Upper Canada Stretchers was retained by Arctic explorer, film maker and professional artist Cory Trépanier based in Caledon, Ontario.  One of his very large paintings titled “Great Glacier”, measuring 5.5 x 15 feet, required a new stretcher frame as the original one was too light in construction (not made by Upper Canada… Read more »

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Born in England, Ingrid Style’s first memories are of the beautiful children’s books of the nineteenth century illustrators, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Kai Neilson etc. The stylized figures suggested alternate worlds of infinite possibilities. Ingrid’s natural inclination is to the surreal, the dream, the vision… and, for her, the form these take must have the… Read more »

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Upper Canada Stretchers would like to thanks our valued clients for helping us make 2016 an exciting year. This year we made some exciting changes. We greatly increased our custom fabrication ability by bringing in renowned CNC designer Grant Nicholson, we launched a new website with expanded the online store capabilities and picked up exciting… Read more »