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There’s something about canvas photo prints that’s made them an incredibly popular alternative to the paper printed and glass-framed photos we traditionally kept in our homes. Whether it’s the weave of the canvas itself, the glamour of a gallery wrap or some other intangible aspect you’ve fallen in love with, you’re certainly not alone in… Read more »

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It’s critically important that your canvas frame has perfectly square corners adjoining straight, true stretcher bars… most of the time. But what if your project is a little outside of that box? An artist’s vision isn’t always contained within the confines of four straight lines. In fact, some aren’t just painting outside the lines–they’re moving… Read more »

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We love to surround ourselves with beauty and happy memories; people have been doing it for thousands of years. From those first scrapings on cave walls, through the Victorian era of (sometimes macabre) portrait photography, to our modern-day tendency to decorate even our digital walls with memories, the medium has changed but our love of… Read more »

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You’ve probably heard us say it before, but good art deserves good bones! When your art spans an entire wall, those bones need a few special features to ensure they’ll remain strong, straight and sturdy over time. A professional installer stretches a large canvas over stretcher bars. In this time-lapse video of a large canvas… Read more »

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Miami has a population of 441,003 people. Miami is well known as the gateway to Latin America, due to the high percentage of people whose families originated from those countries. It is a beautiful vacation spot with its long sandy beaches, and delicious cuisine. Miami is also home to some of the nicest art supply… Read more »