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Artists and crafters alike love the control that canvas stretching gives them over their project, from start to finish. It can be more economical to stretch your own, and allows you to use materials you may not be able to buy pre-stretched, like fine Belgian linen. You can take complete ownership of the project by… Read more »

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Printing photos on canvas is certainly popular right now; just check out all of the inspirational “photos on canvas” projects on Pinterest and the thousands of Instagram posts hashtagged #photosoncanvas.     But this method of displaying your fond memories is more than a just a passing trend. It’s giving amateur and professional photographers alike… Read more »

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September brings with it cooler, shorter days, the return of kids of all ages to school, and a plethora of local art events to keep your evenings and weekends as full as you’d like them to be. Here in Owen Sound, where our manufacturing facilities are located, we’re incredibly fortunate to be a part of… Read more »

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Large canvas stretchers like this one in Orillia’s City Hall have special design features to support the additional weight of your canvas and media. Sometimes, the space in a room or on an outdoor surface just begs for an oversized piece of artwork. Large, complex paintings like the one above can make a statement, tell… Read more »

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Sometimes, your next great painting idea just doesn’t fit within the confines of a standard rectangular or square canvas. Irregularly shaped canvases can add depth and interest to your piece and, with proper engineering, are just as stable and strong as regular canvas stretcher frames. In this post, we’ll have a look at the construction… Read more »

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Looking for a way to make your favorite paintings and photo prints on canvas really POP? Floating frames (or floater frames) are an attractive way to showcase your stretched canvas pieces that mimics the look of the finest art in gallery displays. Imagine how it’ll look on that wall space you’re looking to spruce up!… Read more »

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Guest post by Amber Harwood, Georgian Bay Art Conservation   Last year, I was asked to consult on a 16 ½” x 25 ⅜” painting that had suffered extensive damage from improper storage and neglect. Found in a cellar half-buried and covered in dirt on the family’s farmstead, this oil on canvas had one previous… Read more »

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When it comes to the finest art projects and professional works of art, linen canvas simply has no rival in cotton. Exceptional artists like Katherine McNenly, with her Naturalistic still lifes and portraits, gravitate to linen for its quality, longevity, and inherent elegance. Incredibly strong and light, prepared linen offers a smooth, flat surface on… Read more »

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Choosing the right stretcher bars is an important decision with a lot of factors to consider, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Your options run the gamut from basic stretcher bars to standard, professional, gallery and even heavy duty bars, with custom designs available for  your largest and uniquely shaped canvas. Which one is… Read more »