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Canvas stretcher keys are a unique design feature that bring stability and longevity to your artwork, but what else do you need to know about them? If you’re used to getting your stretchers at a craft store or buying economy grade art supports, you might be unfamiliar with keyable stretchers and the value they add… Read more »

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“I think for a lot of artists, their materials are a means to an end. For me, none of the materials are a means to an end; they’re all an end unto themselves.” – Landon Metz “Why are you wasting your time on stretching when you should be focusing on making good forms or compositions?… Read more »

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When John McCoy received his 12’x5′ canvas stretcher kit from Upper Canada Stretchers, he decided to film the process of putting it together and turn it into a time-lapsed video.  John kept the camera rolling as he unpackaged his stretcher bars and supplies, assembled the stretcher, stretched his canvas and primed it in preparation for… Read more »

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Artworks on canvas, whatever your media, need a strong, stable underpinning to stand the test of time. As canvas ages, it naturally slackens. Moisture and humidity, varying levels of light, the weight of your media and other natural factors can all hasten the deterioration of your canvas. North America’s top artists, art institutions and restoration… Read more »

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  Interested in contemporary painting, sculpture, installations, mixed media and more? From April 19th to 22nd in Vancouver, British Columbia, you can explore what organizers are calling an unprecedented collection of original contemporary art from local and international artists alike. Last year, it was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 150 Events.  In 2018, organizers promise… Read more »

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Image credit: The Artist Project Toronto   Each year, I look forward to The Artist Project, Toronto’s epic contemporary art fair, rolling around to break up the winter blahs. It’s a much-needed explosion of colour and artistic talent in one of my favourite (though inarguably frigid) cities. This year, The Artist Project promises over 250… Read more »

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  When Upper Canada Stretchers crafted our first canvas stretcher in 2001, it was with a specific mission in mind: to provide artists, photographers, art supply stores and other arts professionals the best quality stretcher on the market. Today, our clientele includes artists of every level of ability and professional status. Galleries, conservators, collectors, universities… Read more »

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Perhaps you’re in search of corporate artwork to suit your space, or looking to add a new piece to your private art collection. The decision to commission a painting gives you input into what the finished piece might look like and let’s face it, it’s exciting to see your ideas and vision come to life!… Read more »

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  A few hundred years BC, Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria called it the “extreme and mean ratio.” To Renaissance artists of the 15th and 16th centuries, it was known as “divine proportion.” And back in your school days, this mathematical formula might have been known as the Golden Section, or Golden Mean. What we… Read more »

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Now that the lazy days of summer are a fond memory, it’s time to settle into winter and fall projects. Less desire to be outdoors buys you more time to bring your large wall art ideas to life! Whether you’re looking to update your home or office building decor for Thanksgiving, or just wistfully remembering… Read more »