We love to surround ourselves with beauty and happy memories; people have been doing it for thousands of years. From those first scrapings on cave walls, through the Victorian era of (sometimes macabre) portrait photography, to our modern-day tendency to decorate even our digital walls with memories, the medium has changed but our love of personal photos persists.

Upper Canada Stretchers is happy to help you professionally stretch your canvas photo print, once you’ve received the canvas from a local photo-to-canvas print company.

Print photos on canvas

Printing your photos to paper is as easy as a website upload or even sending them to your home photo printer. But how can you preserve and pay homage to your most important pieces? Try printing your best photos on canvas. Here’s why.

Canvas Photos Paint Your Life as Art

Photos on canvas have a depth, texture and quality you simply can’t achieve on paper. Thankfully, most smartphone cameras now shoot at a high enough resolution that even your favourite Instagram photos can be printed to smaller canvas. This means you don’t have to be a professional photographer to produce stunning photos that look great on canvas.

The way that canvas photo prints are mounted on an internal frame is commonly known as a “gallery wrap.” Your photos stand out from the wall and without a frame, the full focus is on the stunning image you’ve captured.

Photos on canvas

You can learn more about DIY gallery wrapping and canvas stretching here.

Sharing with Your Most Important Others

We really have become quite lazy in the way we share our lives with others–updating family and friends on our lives is as simple as a smartphone pic upload.

Making the effort to preserve your best memories on a longer lasting medium is exceptionally meaningful today. Rather than a fleeting post pushed down a digital timeline, a photo on canvas can be a focal point in the home; a lasting memory to be enjoyed on a daily basis and shared with those who appreciate it most.

Editing Photos for Canvas Printing is Simple

There are no special skills or software required for editing photos for canvas, so you can use the tools you’re already used to and can access on your devices. If you use a Mac or iPhone, iPhoto is a simple tool that allows you to adjust color, crop, exposure and more.

Photo editing for print

Simple photo editors allow you to adjust the exposure, contrast and more of your images, for optimal photo printing on canvas.

Most online photo platforms have simple image editing capabilities (see Google+, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). There are also tons of apps and web-based services like Pixlr and Luna Pic that will do the trick. Again, the key consideration is your image resolution, so make sure you aren’t cropping in so close or editing to produce effects that will make your photos look grainy or pixelated on canvas.
If you’re using a higher quality camera and shooting in RAW (to capture every bit of an image–even the parts the human eye can’t see), you’ll have ever more flexibility in your editing for canvas. You’ll be able to produce much larger prints, as well.

Canvas Photo Prints Offer Great Value

Digital photos on canvas are a durable, long lasting art. The special inks used to print on canvas penetrate the fabric, while UV-resistant inks can add an extra layer of protection from sunlight. High quality stretcher frames that you can key to maintain (learn more about keyable frames here) also help protect the integrity of your best photos.

You can enjoy substantial savings by printing and learning how to stretch canvas yourself. See how to practice DIY canvas stretching here.

Photos on Canvas Are Easy to Reproduce

Everyone in the family is going to want that amazing shot of your kids on canvas! Friends who’ve shared a fabulous holiday would each appreciate a long lasting, thoughtful memento. And if you’re really upping your photography game and ready to sell prints, canvas is an attractive medium to buyers.

Printing your photos on canvas gives each one longevity and an artistic, polished finish deserving of your best works.
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