A “magic nature” artist of southern Ontario

The overwhelming energy, action in stillness, the drama of a bow at full stretch with the potency

of the arrow about to be released …. and yet a dreamlike quality something of a landscape a scene I want to experience in reality but cannot since it is my dream…now here it is in her painting ever present on my wall!!
Amazing dedication to exploring the minutest details of her art for communicating her passion to make clear the essence of our natural world, from the indigenous peoples on the coast of British Columbia, to rural ontario, to travels in Europe , to living and working in the forests of South America, taking in every sight sound and instruction she can accommodate to enhance her knowledge, skill, and awareness.


Slideshows and video of my conversation with her:

How Started

Theme and Media



The Value of Teaching

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Some of her paintings:


medium_ Andantino II 2013
medium_Allure 30 X 30 2013
medium_Andante 2013_0
medium_Falls Over Pemberton BC - 2012


Words from her website:


Rosemarie is driven to create; canvas and the painter’s tools are her vehicles of exploration. Subject matter which may appear insignificant, is translated into rich visual experiences, compelling vistas with a magical quality. How does Rosemarie achieve this impact? She believes that when executing her paintings, ‘perfection is the illusion of detail’.


Currently, Rosemarie is nurturing two themes in her work; both are close to her heart. For six years, she has been creating landscape paintings which define our past and present rural communities. This series, the “Jewels of Rural Ontario”, inspires her to find hidden treasures on our back roads, farms, wetlands and shores where she works plein-air, completes sketches and small paintings to be developed on larger canvases in her studio. Rosemarie will continue pursuing this bucolic theme in her artwork while concurrently developing a new series, “Legacy”.

The Legacy series celebrates the ever changing face of the natural world. Solitary, angry, illuminated, peaceful; it ranges from complacent to vindictive. Rosemarie is drawn to rugged windswept coastlines, mountain gorges, old growth forests, an island in a crystal sea, the cloud forest of the Andes. Here in the absence of progress, virgin impact of the earth’s forces can be seen and felt, weather creates every color and hue of sky, the wind drives sea against land, pending storm juxtaposed with a tranquil landscape, creates a temporary illusion of calm…..
Mankind’s quest for progress is in conflict with the preservation of our rural spaces, and our wild places. Rosemarie hopes her paintings will make an enduring statement to current and future generations: that our natural world deserves our reverence and respect. A prolific painter, Rosemarie’s paintings and commissioned works can be found in a great number of private collections in Ontario and abroad.