Did you know that you can get Instant Quotes on all variety of in-stock stretcher bars at UCSArt.com? Instant Quotes allow you to choose your stretcher profile, desired length and any required bracing and see the price instantly online. This feature is available for all of our stretcher bar profiles, and shopping in-stock instantly saves you 20% or more off custom sizes!

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your stretcher bar profile from the Instant Quotes drop-down in the main menu.


Instant Quotes on Stretcher Bars


2. Select your desired stretcher bar length.

In the description, you’ll see the incremental lengths available. In this case, stock sized Standard stretcher bars are available in two inch increments from 10″ to 60″.


Pricing out stretcher bars with Instant Quotes on the UCSart.com website.


3. Select your bracing, if needed, and adjust the quantities of bars and bracing to get Instant Quotes.


In each Instant Quotes tool, you’ll see our expert recommendation on which size stretcher frames require bracing. For our 3/4″ Standard stretcher bars, for example, braces are normally recommended for bar lengths 36 inches and over.


Choosing bracing and stretcher bar quantities in the Instant Quotes tool.


4. Choose bundles of 8 stretcher bars to save an additional 25%.


Buying in bulk offers even more savings, in addition to the 20% or more saved by purchasing in-stock sizes.


Buy your stretcher bars in bulk for big savings.


5. With your stretcher bar size and quantities set, click Add to Cart next to each item you’d like to order and proceed to checkout.


In checkout, you’ll see your shipping options and be able to finalize your order.


Add Instant Quote items to cart for easy ordering.


That’s it!


We ship across North America daily. Each precision manufactured stretcher bar order comes with the keys you’ll need to adjust your canvas tension over time, as well as your step-by-step stretcher frame assembly instructions. You’ll find those instructions online here.

Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our stock profiles and lengths, the Upper Canada Stretchers team will craft your custom stretchers. We’re the top choice for professionals artists and institutions in need of oversized, unusually shaped or otherwise unique canvas stretchers, and have built stretchers over 30′ wide!

You can submit a request for quote here and we’ll get back to you ASAP with a detailed quote.