Working with Linen Canvas: Pro Tips for Stable, Long Lasting Paintings on Linen

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When it comes to the finest art projects and professional works of art, linen canvas simply has no rival in cotton. Exceptional artists like Katherine McNenly, with her Naturalistic still lifes and portraits, gravitate to linen for its quality, longevity, and inherent elegance. Incredibly strong and light, prepared linen offers a smooth, flat surface on… Read more »

DIY Canvas Stretching in 5 Simple Steps [Video]

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A properly stretched canvas on a well-built frame will display and protect your work for years to come. Whether it’s a digital photo print on canvas, or you’re laying the groundwork for a new painting, this tutorial with video will help you prep your own DIY canvas in 5 easy steps. Ready? Let’s get started,… Read more »

DIY Canvas Prints: 5 Pro Tips for Photos That Last

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There’s something about canvas photo prints that’s made them an incredibly popular alternative to the paper printed and glass-framed photos we traditionally kept in our homes. Whether it’s the weave of the canvas itself, the glamour of a gallery wrap or some other intangible aspect you’ve fallen in love with, you’re certainly not alone in… Read more »