Here are some of the many great comments that we receive on a regular basis from satisfied customers around North America and the world:

Just wanted to thank you! I finally was able to get a photo of my artwork hanging in the hospital in Bethel, Alaska. Love the curved frame it fits so perfectly.


Beth Hill painting on large curved stretcher frame

Beth Hill

Just wanted to let you know that the frames/stretchers were perfect! My husband (who is a carpenter) assembled them for me and it was kind of wonderful. He had a lot of things to say about the stretchers – here are a few examples:

“I am not sure you are a good enough painter for those stretchers!”
“They are perfect! Look how they slide together!”
“They do have the best wood in Canada”

So all is good and we are ready for opening on Friday.
Thank you again for being so efficient and professional 


Icelandic artist, Brynhildur Guðmundsdóttir

Not sure who packed my order that arrived Wednesday but wanted you to know it was one of the best pack jobs of ANYTHING I have ever received.  Masterfully done.  Arrived in perfect shape, everything wonderfully protected.

Thank you.  Please pass this along to whomever did the pack job!

Ron Mellott

We ordered a 5′ x 7′ frame and canvas about last February. The quality is exceptional. The frame went together beautifully and canvas-stretching tutorials were really helpful for us first-time canvas stretchers. We are so happy with the choice we made to purchase from Upper Canada Stretchers.

Patricia Soldati

I am artist on west coast of the USA  so why would I go to the expense of having stretchers shipped from Canada? Because Upper Canada Stretchers provides a superior product with high reliability in both customer service and product consistency.
I use glue and oil primer that needs 4 to 6 months drying time using premium linen. I cannot afford after that effort to discover anything less than perfection in the stretcher.
I have a fine gallery that respects my craftsmanship and is happy with work shipped from one side of country to other with tightly sprung linen and perfect square corners intact. I cannot afford less quality with my client base.  I appreciate the detailed work from the ground up in my paintings.  It starts with the stretchers.
Claudia Pettis
Museo Gallery: Langley, Wa, USA

Claudia Pettis

Hi. We talked a bit when I placed an order for some stretchers (the biggest set was 7-1/2 by 4 feet), and I said I would drop a line to tell you how they worked for me. Well, I’m very pleased with them. At first I was concerned about the softness of the wood, but after stretching a piece of linen four times over the large bars (literally tight as a drum) there is no perceptible warping or even strain on the form of the bars or stretcher as a whole – very nice. It seems like the softness of the wood is a plus – it definitely takes the tacks better than hard woods. I can’t tell if the wood is better (straighter grained or something) or if the superiority is in solely in your workmanship, but I’m glad I know about your company.

Oliver Benson

…. things are still very busy and I still have to do a lot of work… The last shipment of canvases was superb and I´ll start working with them tomorrow!

Chris Succo: Professional Artist, Düsseldorf, London, Los Angeles, New York

All sounds great! Love your thorough and efficient customer service. You are such a pleasure to work with! Thanks again!

Aura Krajewski: Artist, New Hope, PA, USA

I want to thank you again for the outstanding work that Upper Canada Stretchers did for me. When I needed a very large stretched canvas for a public commission, I wanted to make sure that it was professionally assembled and stretched so that it could be painted on, moved easily, and hung perfectly without worrying about warping or unevenness. The frame is strong and square yet light enough that it allowed me to work on it in two different locations and the canvas was stretched so neatly that the surface was tight and even, and all the edges are clean and smooth. Both my client and the professional curator who hung the piece in its public location liked my work but were also impressed by the quality of the stretched canvas. I hope to use your services again soon. Thanks again!

Louise Moore: Painter, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to say thank you for getting my order to me so quickly! You saved me a lot of stress and my customers will be happy that they are able to pick up their canvases on time — or ahead of time. Thanks again for the great service and excellent product. I’ll keep coming back again and again.

Andrew Williamson: North Bay, Ontario

Hi David. I just wanted to send a note to tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism. I’m so impressed by the way you handled this error …something we don’t see much of these days (unfortunately)…so it felt important to me to at least send a wee note with high praise.

Anita Markert: Chatham, ON

Since the early 1980s I have used many different heavy duty stretcher bars, from some that barely warrant the name, to others that are like finished furniture both in weight and engineering. I can’t remember how I found out about your company but I am glad I did. The bars are made of wood that is not only absolutely straight and well measured, but are extremely strong for their low profile and light weight. Also, they take staples better than any other wood I have used, saving time and effort. I am putting together an exhibition of larger works, and your well-engineered stretcher bars are proving to be the wisest choice. Thank you!

Tom Paquette: Professional Artist, PA, USA – www.thomaspaquette.com

Everything went smoothly and I just got a chance to open the crate and take a look at the canvases. You have done a great job and I would like to say thank you for making my life easier. The fact that they are strong and light weight at the same time means a lot to me.

Reza Darakshani: Painter, Musician – Austin, Texas – www.rezaderakshani.com

Dear Dave & Bob, I received the stretchers a few days ago and they are perfect; straight as an arrow and they squared up effortlessly. I used these to re-stretch a painting that was on home made stretchers that were non-adjustable. I’ll certainly be using your product again. It is nice to know I can order stretchers online and know that they will not be warped. Very professional. Thank you!

Nick Jacques: Artist & Educator, Conshohocken, PA, USA

Ciao Donato….I fully expected a nightmare restretching a canvas…had it nailed in fifteen minutes! Thank you

Roger Mason: Artist, NY, USA

Van Witt Fine Art Conservation has ordered stretcher bars from Upper Canada Stretchers for the past 10 years. It has been a pleasure to have such a reliable and friendly service. The quality of their workmanship, reasonable price, with the fast turnaround time has been a significant contribution to my painting conservation practice. I will continue to order stretchers from UCS for many more years!

Peggy Van Witt: Conservator, KS, USA

Donato – Thank you for the stretchers. Let the crafters know that they did a beautiful job! Take care.

Laird Goulet: Artist, Rosetown, SK, Canada

Donato, I received your shipment yesterday. Today I assembled the stretchers. Outstanding craftsmanship! Thanks to all involved. I am very pleased. My very best.

Jerry Litmer: Wiebold Studio, Terrace Park, OH, USA

Just received the stretchers and put them together. The new stock brace system is great, nice materials. Now I need to place another order …..

Michael Bromley: Professional Artist, Regina, Saskatchewan

Donato … I put together one stretcher yesterday and it was a thing of beauty … I have dreamt of such stretchers for years. I’ll be ordering many more. Thanks

Gail Hill: Portrait Artist, Toronto, Canada

Gentlemen, I had great success with your stretcher bars in Bermuda last year during my artist-in-residency. They did not warp, bow, or crack, as did most other stretcher bars in that humid climate. I am moving to Bermuda soon. I am going to need more of your superb product.

Michael Cacy: Artist, Portland OR, USA