Bob Nadon

Bob NadonBob started Upper Canada Stretchers Inc. in 2001 after many years of work in construction, custom sawmilling, furniture design and the wood products manufacturing sector.  His first career as a professional engineer and his penchant for inventing new products led to the creation of a series of new stretcher frame products all based on century-old keyable stretcher designs.  Under his guidance, UCS has developed a specialty in large stretcher designs and special unusual-shaped custom frame fabrication.

Bob takes great pleasure in managing a dedicated team of workers.  Each person in the company has unique interests and talents and, as owner of the company, Bob enjoys the task of finding ways of challenging his staff with new responsibilities to help develop their skills and deepen their knowledge in areas that interest them.

Even though UCS uses Internet technology extensively in their day-to-day work,  Bob makes it a priority to develop a personal connection with all customers and suppliers.  He sees success and “the bottom line” ultimately as the quality of the relationships among staff, customers, and suppliers.