Irregular Shaped Canvas Frames

We have a wide range of experience in building unusual 2D and even 3D shaped canvases and designs. A sampling of some of the projects we have worked on is shown below.

We are available to consult and design on any wood or aluminum frame and canvas stretching project you are involved with. Usually we can provide initial design and consultation free of charge. Please call us at 1-800-561-4944 or email us so we can go over the details of your project. We enjoy being challenged to do what’s never been done before so feel free to make unreasonable requests!


LandonMetz @ Andersen's

Shaped canvases by Landon Metz: Andersen’s Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015


CNC machining of shaped sections for Landon Metz’ canvases. Parts and assembled frames shown below.




Machining and assembling shaped sections of Landon Metz’ stretchers in our shop before shipping to Denmark. All components are fastened together using flush joint connector bolts which makes it easy to disassemble the frame for moving and shipping. Large frames like these ones are typically made by laminating several layers of plywood cut on the CNC machine. The top layer includes a raised edge along the outside perimeter to keep the canvas suspended off the frame.



Above and right: CNC panels with stainless steel and acrylic, 54 x 192 inches, BMW, Sterling, Virginia.
Made for Joel Masewich, Professional Artist, Elora, Ontario, Canada







Above: Jim Frederick and his children applying a base coat of paint to the canvases described below.

Left: Because of the unusual shapes of these long and steeply arched frames, they were built as fixed strainers (not keyed). The 3-inch deep frames were used to mount five canvases, gallery-wrap style, to make up one tiled painting image. The artwork was installed in a cathedral ceilinged room in a private home.



Arched and shaped solid wood picture frame made with CNC machine.


Rear view of birch art panel made with the centre section left open.



Trapezoidal shaped frame which was stretched with canvas on both sides for viewing from both sides




Above: Cloud shaped MDF panel with coat of primer

Left:  Large stretcher made to fit across the full wall of a restaurant in Los Angeles, California


U-PhoneBooth Four rectangular stretchers were hinged together to produce this unique self-standing square “art” pillar. Similar designs are often used to create attractive room dividers.

U-HexHere is an interesting installation of 13 separate strainer frames (not keyed)  making up a tiled hexagonal image