Large or Deep Stretchers

Large canvases need extra support to ensure that the frames stay straight and true under tension, including over time and with varying temperature and humidity. The three categories below detail some of the options that we offer for large and extra-deep stretchers. You can also find more information about the special features of our large and heavy duty stretcher bars here.


See examples of the large and heavy duty frames we’ve made and learn more about their special features.


Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

A “Gallery Wrapped” canvas is a very attractive way of finishing the edge of a canvas if you don’t want to put it in a floating frame. We have both stock and custom options that vary this edge thickness from 1-1/2″ up to 6″!


Deep Gallery Wrap Stretcher Bars

For extremely large canvases or in situations where humidity is an issue, aluminum or aluminum-wood hybrid frames are an excellent option. See examples of the custom designs we’ve created for our clients!


Aluminum-Wood Stretcher Bars