Round & Oval Canvas Stretchers

Virtually all other manufacturers of oval and round frames make their frames fixed.  We are the only company (to our knowledge) that make a true keyable oval or round stretcher with a front fall or slope to keep the canvas from contacting the frame except at the very edge. In these as in all our products, we guarantee to the highest quality of wood and craftsmanship.



63" Diameter Keyed & Braced Round Stretcher

Stretcher frames easy to ship in a compact package..........and easy to assemble in your studio!

We use CNC machinery to "carve" very precisely any shape you require!


Our oval and round stretcher frames can be disassembled and shipped in a compact, well protected package.  This design feature makes it possible to ship large size frames by courier at very reasonable prices.

Looking for a top-quality round or oval stretcher?

1 800 561 4944


Nick Jacques, Artist & Educator, Conshohocken, PA, USA,
09 04 2010

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