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We love to surround ourselves with beauty and happy memories; people have been doing it for thousands of years. From those first scrapings on cave walls, through the Victorian era of (sometimes macabre) portrait photography, to our modern-day tendency to decorate even our digital walls with memories, the medium has changed but our love of… Read more »

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You’ve probably heard us say it before, but good art deserves good bones! When your art spans an entire wall, those bones need a few special features to ensure they’ll remain strong, straight and sturdy over time. A professional installer stretches a large canvas over stretcher bars. In this time-lapse video of a large canvas… Read more »

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Miami has a population of 441,003 people. Miami is well known as the gateway to Latin America, due to the high percentage of people whose families originated from those countries. It is a beautiful vacation spot with its long sandy beaches, and delicious cuisine. Miami is also home to some of the nicest art supply… Read more »

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Florida’s vibrant art scene is as warm and inviting as the spring breezes this 2017. These top 10 amazing and unique exhibits, festivals and galleries showing throughout Florida this spring have something for everyone from photography, sculptures, interactive art and of course, fine art paintings. The venues are as unique as the art itself featuring… Read more »

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Hello, my name is Katharine Marais. I am an Los Angeles studio artist. I paint with poured and painted oils & acrylics on canvases made with stretchers from UCS. I prepare my canvases and linens by brushing on acrylic size with a stiff brush, then triple-gessoing with cross-strokes to a smooth, but still textured, surface. I’ve… Read more »